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What is it?

Laurence Boswell's imaginative and at times eccentric new staging of Shakespeare's tragedy in its London premiere at the Young Vic, against the backdrop of Es Devlin's striking black traverse set. The production is set to tour Japan in June.

Who's In It?

Paul Rhys (right), a memorable Edgar in Richard Eyre's production of King Lear, gives an admirably pained performance as the fragile hero. With Donald Sumpter as Claudius, Suzanne Bertish as Queen Gertrude and Robert Soanes as Polonius.

What They Say About It

"Paul Rhys is most people's mental picture of the perfect Hamlet: pale, tall, willowy and haunted... No one since Mark Rylance has transmitted as well as Rhys a sense of the hero's spiritual sweetness," Paul Taylor, The Independent.

"Director Laurence Boswell injects some of the sharp-edged style and pace which made his production of Popcorn so watchable," Maeve Walsh, The Independent on Sunday.

"With his delicate, curiously waxen face, Rhys is a hypersensitive Hamlet, stunned by his father's death and then heading into a fevered, but never exaggerated, breakdown," Kate Bassett, The Daily Telegraph

"One of the most convincing and inventive portrayals of the melancholic prince I have ever seen," Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard.

Where You Can See It

Hamlet is at The Young Vic, The Cut, London SE1 (0171-928 6363) to 15 May

Siobhan Dolan