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Not bought your lottery ticket yet? Undecided on which numbers will make your fortune? Then help is at hand. We are privileged to have acquired the services of clairvoyant and medium Psychic Psally, who is in regular contact with the spirit of the greatest tipster of all time, Nostradamus (Michel de Notredame, 1503-1566).

For the man whose utterances, when interpreted correctly, have predicted all the major events of the past four centuries, a weekly lottery should be a doddle.

Unfortunately, Nostradamus seems locked into his standard technique of making predictions in French verse. Perhaps simply giving the winning numbers would have been too simple. But decoding the message will, Psychic Psal assures us, lead directly to this week's winning numbers. Can you find the correct way to unravel the soothsayer's utterance?

We give Nostradamus's prediction from beyond the grave in parallel text: the original French quatrain exactly as he ouijaed it to Psal, and in as literal a translation as we can manage.

The French original:

Les sept en trois mois en concorde,

Pour subiuguer dea Alpes Apennines:

Venus sera en cours si vertueux,

Qu'obfusquera du soleil tout a loy.

In translation:

The seven are for three months in agreement to subjugate the Apennine Alps.

Venus will be so virtuous at court that she will put all the virtue of the sun into the shade.

Next week we hope that Nostradamus will be online again, psychically speaking, through the medium of Psychic Psally, to explain and justify his prediction and perhaps offer some more help to lotterers in need.