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Slade first charted with 'Get Down and Get With it' 25 years ago. This week, Noddy Holder appeared on Radio 4's 'Midweek'. The poet is a Slade fan
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Not Roxy, Bowie or T Rex

But plumbers' mates in Rupert kecks

With pop songs for the refugee

From football ground and factory

The pilled-up beery boys like me

We'd kicked to death the working week

With Noddy Holder at his peak

And Friday lunch-time Lowenbrau

The foreman sneering at us now,

"And whatcha call that bloody row?"

And then much later, in disgrace

Drunk in the gutter, stars on face

Nineteen and witless, Girlfriend fled

So dragged by mates and thrown on bed

The Slade songs roaring round my head

But Noddy Holder on Midweek?

My glam-rock haircut, layer and streak

Cut long ago reveals a brow

Where time has dragged a rusty plough

I'm several light years older now.