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Ground-breaking German bands of the mid-Seventies are making a comeback. Compilations featuring bands like Can, Kraftwerk and Amon Duul II are back on the rack...


A backwash from a keyboard

A metronomic tock

The sound of people drilling

Upon a concrete block

Collectively, Kraut Rock

Its fans were sixth-form eggheads

In places like Herne Bay

Who walked around in greatcoats

And couldn't bear to play

The pop hits of the day

The songs went on forever

Hypnotic and profound

Klaus Dinger, Faust and Kraftwork

Were names to bandy round

If only for the sound

And legendary spaceheads

Like Amon Duul II

Turned up, turned on, got cosmic

Then quietly went askew

As all the best bands do

A credit to their homeland

The science lab of pop

They noodled to the summit

And knew not how to stop

Then went right off the top