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The smell of old patchouli

From raggle-taggle tents

The sizzle of wet denim

On hot electric fence

The triple steel sections

The moats as deep as wide

The distant crump of mortar

Across the other side

The warnings and the beatings

The trudge across the mire

The chatter of machine guns

The daunting razor wire

And silent in the watchtowers

The grim determined guard

Who swivels glaring spotlights

To make intrusion hard

And legend has it, one year

They caught a poor young fella

Who'd parachuted over

By using an umbrella

They took away his space cakes

And several cans of Stella

Then marched him back to main stage

To finish watching Weller

Martin Newell will be performing poetry at this weekend's Glastonbury Festival on all three days