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Sergeant Pepper

The druggy drone of sitar and

tamboura on the lawn

A fuzzy stab of rubber band guitar

Would wake a sleeping schoolboy

in that heady post-war dawn

As village fete met Marrakesh bazaar

Then for a while the town went mad

With boys in paisley shirts

Velvet jackets, highwayman lapels

And girls who sashayed round

In Khol-rimmed eyes and hippy skirts

Dancing to imaginary bells

And Sgt Pepper, out that week

On Parlophone black wax

With strawberry Mivvi-coloured inner sleeve

Devoid of any spaces in the grooves

between the tracks

Was stranger than a pop fan could conceive

It spilled a cornucopia

Of people, places, plots

And saturated airwaves, parties, halls

It changed the face of something

And they never fathomed what

But all those Beatle posters stayed on walls