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Twelve-Inch Remit

In the week we learn that vinyl is making a comeback - both on the dancefloor and with indie bands their first-time records ...

When things go wrong

With your c . d . d . d . d . d . d . d . d . d .

Remem-mem-mem-mem / member how

Those vinyl records used to be

Cordsusedtobe / Cordsusedtobe

With all that jumping up and down

At least the vinyl kept you fit

Youkeptyoufit/ Youkeptyoufit

Unless you fixed a lightweight arm

With plasticine or 2p bit

The thing about the vinyl is

It's warm, it's big, it's analogue

The ear interprets this much as

A drinker will a cup of grog

Lacupofgrog / Lacupofgrog

And record sleeves, being large allow

Traditional activities

The chopping, rolling, counting out

Essential to young debauchees

Ungdebauchees / Ungdebauchees

And here's a vinyl thought for all

You long-play freaks to contemplate

Being born in '45 meant

You were 33 in '78

Yinseventyeight / Yinseventyeight.