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Casting begins soon for a pounds 40m film about Yoko Ono's life with John Lennon. Beatles fans are apprehensive about the possibility that the film maybe Yoko's version of the story...

The Second Mrs Lennon

Imagine John as housewife

At home and baking bread

Imagine John in nightclub

With Kotex strapped on head

Imagine either version

It's easy if you try

And then secure the film rights

And watch the law suits fly

Imagine Sixties Yoko

As demon parvenue

Imagine stealing Beatle

Was fairly hard to do

Imagine British pop fans

In incandescent rage

To see their bete noir shrieking

In bag on centre-stage

Imagine all that money

It's hard to even try

Imagine all the rancour

That decades on won't die

Imagine film as method

To settle final score

But such ironic timing

Now that she's 64