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Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, Sting and other stars are increasingly playing exclusive concerts for corporate business conferences. Financial rewards are allegedly high...

My Back Wages

Martindale from Marketing

While at the annual do

Tied his tie around his head

And stiffly shouted, "Whoo!"

At 48 years old, the words

Came slowly to his lips

As Crosby Stills & Nash

Resuscitated "Wooden Ships"

And in a darkened function room

The other side of town

A sea of suits and iron-grey

Began to get on down

As Sting, lit up by laser-spots

Against the corporate logo

Observed a portly president

perform a rusty pogo

Even Dylan seems to have

Been dragged into the game

Though CSN have always had

The corporate sounding name

And Martindale from Marketing

May idiot-dance in vain

For morning light will see the tie

Around his neck again