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Paul McCartney has been knighted...

Arise Sir Fab

Arise Sir Fab. Plain Paul no more

And if Sir Cliff (the knight before)

Should call you up to say, "Well played"

Be grateful for the accolade.

Arise Sir Fab to ringing cheers

Your thumb aloft for all these years

From Sixties star to titled man

Despite those problems in Japan

Arise Sir Fab. Your spaniel eyes

Undimmed by time - but how it flies

From psychedelic kipper ties

To Lady Linda's Country Pies

Arise Sir Fab and don't think twice.

The Beatle whom my gran thought "nice"

Sir George may never get the nod

Sir Ringo might have sounded odd.

Arise Sir Fab and and don't delay

Let's have a burst of "Yesterday"

You play the tune - I'll call a cab

Good on you, Guv. Arise Sir Fab.