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1996 - Look Back

in Languor

The year began with Mike Flowers Pops

And saw the fall of ROMO

Our team harpooned towards late June

(See Southgate's miss in slow-mo)

Then drowned in Spice Girl promo.

We Rocked the Vote in '96

John Redwood left the closet

And said he liked the Barron Knights

Too much Wincarnis was it?

Hang on to your deposit.

And Michael Jackson at the Brits

In peevish indignation

As Jarvis Cocker's antics

Woke a yawning British nation

Who smiled in approbation

TOTP changed broadcast nights

The Industry disgusted

The Pistols and The Who emerged

Re-built, if slightly rusted

And Paula Yates was busted.

The Laying Low Awards go to:

Blur and Sinead O'Connor

R.I.P. Ella, Congrats due

to Jacko, Prince, Madonna.

And birth control (Personna).

So Merry Christmas to you all

Let's put the year to bed

My readers tell me I'm a cult

I think that's what they said

So God Bless Tina Turner (Hic)

(You're fired, Newell - Ed).

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