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The film `Evita', starring Madonna, comes out this month... along with Alan Parker's book about the making of the film, and the single, T-shirt etc etc

Evita Made Easy


Let me play Evita

As only I can do

Jimmy Nail

Howay. That Madonna

Ah think she fancies you

Lloyd Webber

Madonna is a winner

And Alan Parker's nice

But spare me having dinner

With anyone called Rice

Jimmy Nail

Ah cannat say ah've met him

But that Madonna's hot

Sur does she get her kit off?


Don't cry for me Argentina

The fact is no one's keener

You think it's funny?

Well, watch it sonny

You can't afford me

You two-bit Geordie

Final chorus

She got the part of Peron

Sans pointy breasts and gusset

The backers kept their hair on

And Andrew won't discuss it

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