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C'mon everybody, let's Rock The Vote...

The Voting Primer

Here's a brand new game to play

To think it up took ages.

Change F*** the Vote

To Rock The Vote

In several corny stages.

Major John's at ground control

He says be wunts to stay there.

This is Tony or NICE-T.

Who also wants to play there

Hey kids. Voting can be fun.

Here are famous pop stars

And loads of funny men

Will they help you vote a man

Into Number 10?

Hey kids. Voting can be fun.

Labour (featuring Glenda J)

In the House and chillin'

If you want the hardcore trash

Natty (D) Redwood's willin'

Hey kids. Voting can be fun

So don't look back in languor

As Major John's well 'ard

And don't try this if homeless

You won't receive a card.

Hey kids. Voting can be impossible.