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The Beautiful South have a new marketing campaign. For one week only, they will have 20 pubs renamed in their honour...

Promo Pubs

As cash changed hands, traditions fell

The Butthole Surfers (once The Bell)

Changed names four times within a year

The Sting. The Suede. The Chick Corea

According to the name each week

A place could draw a different clique

In search of beer, good times and grub

You couldn't beat a promo pub

The Bjork whose clinetele liked arts

Might thrash The Courtney Love at darts

The Clayderman whose crowd weren't cool

Would play The Christian Death at pool

The Lionel Richie lost all hope

And then became The Julian Cope

The Chris De Burgh, The Smurf by turns

But think how much the jukebox earns

And if you want a tune from home

Try out The Robson & Jerome

But if you really need some peace

I'd recommend The Re-Release