Lyric Sheets: Hank's for the Memory

On the day Hank Marvin commences a 42-date UK tour...
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When Mum was out, the radio

Was turned up if they played The Shads

The path of pop was ever paved

With poses. (Rackets ready, lads?)

There's something very Boys Own Paper

Wholesome, homespun and complete

About the pizzicato bridge

The trademark twang, the youth-club beat

The cheerful manly tremolo

And nothing soft about our Hank

No gloopy love songs here, my boys

It's just a Geordie and his plank

A symphony in monochrome

And Genie With The Light Brown Lamp

He loiters in your lost arcades

Like pinball, paraffin and damp

It's frothy coffee, ersatz cola

Crisps with little bags of salt

That punch the paunchy Peter Pans

When Hank unlocks the memory vaults