Lyric sheets Martin Newell In the week several rock stars probably went on holiday...

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Rock has a bit of a lie down

What do pop stars do for their vacations?

Where d'you go if everywhere's your home

And you've spare pyjamas

Both in France and the Bahamas

Plus some stand-by underpants in Rome?

What if drink and drugs are part of working

And the job dictates that you be strange?

Do you sip Wincarnis

Til you've got yourself in harness

Or d'you go to Butlins for a change?

And if Jarvis holidays in Sheffield

Does he prove fame's not gone to his head

When he writes, "Dear Mum,

I'm arriving with a chum

After tea we'll creosote the shed."

What does Iggy Pop do for excitement?

How do the Blue Nile get laid back?

Would you catch George Michael

In the garage with his cycle

Cinching up the panniers to his rack?

What if you're a jaded rock and roller

Used to dating supermodel molls?

Would Naomi Campbell

Brook a bracing moorland ramble

Or succumb to Scarborough for her hols?

Does the average pop star take it easy?

Is he any different to you?

Does he keep his eye in

With a bit of

No. He goes abroad to drink and screw