Lyric sheets: Students at an Amsterdam university can now study Madonna's influence on feminism and sexuality. (To be read with a Dutch accent.)

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All schtudendts musdt wear schtockinks

Met suspendters - if they're able

Budt the universidty schuppliess

Der microphones andt cable

Corsedts may be flauntedt when

We schtudy later rekkordts

Built schtillettos are verboden

As they tendt to maark der blekkboardts

A fieldt-trip is promisedt

Andt der schtudendts hev two choices

Those medt Harlow hair-schtyles

Andt der Betty Boop-type voices

May walk der redt-light district

In der hope of Hankie Pankies

While der resdt go to a coffee schoppe

To meet some spaced-oudt yankees.

Der course will touch on music, film

Anaatomy andt faschion

Budt Sex andt Business Schtudies will

Pe there in greater raation

For a greater undterschtandink

Of Madonna by degrees

It's hardt to beat der landt of laager,

Bicycles andt cheese.