Lyric Sheets; The Beatles' Last Single

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The Beatles are to release their last song ever. The song was lost during the `Yellow Submarine' sessions at Abbey Road in 1968. As yet untitled and featuring John Lennon on vocals, it will go on sale this autumn un-remixed and in its original form

In the remnants of a moptop-cut

A wistful man aged forty eight

A member of the million lads

Who didn't shake the world

Reached Waterloo

Walked off the train

And wasn't mobbed by girls again

And in a house near Framlingham

A teacher now in middle-age

Marked essays, turned the music up

To drown the sense of loss

For Sandra Lennon

Decades numb

That wedding day had never come.

But all the lipstick scrawled on vans

And second-generation fans

Dressed up as Rickenbacker clones

In cuban heels on Parlophones

Could never conjure from the air

The magic which they wanted there

Despite the knight with silver hair

Attending to the pale affair

And still they come with nets and chains

To drag canals for canisters

And seize upon such rusty bikes

As may emerge to light

Then sniffle round

The empty house

Like partners for a missing spouse

But this is all you need to know

The Beatles ended long ago

And gave the world their very best

This frantic search to find the rest

Is merely urinalysis.

"But Sgt Pepper ends like this: