Lyric sheets: The Cocteau Twins, playing live in cyberspace - science fact...

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The E-mail Eunuch

Cyberspace - the last frontier

An anorak too far

Gongs all round for techno-troops

HTTP - and bar

Log-on, log-off. 'Hit' after hit

And what a trip its been

In 40 years. The King is dead

God save our noble screen

But click-return to where we were

The Cocteau Twins? Correct.

And gigging on the Internet

Is what you can expect.

From kids who gave us "Fluffy Tufts"


Do titles like "High Monkey-Monk"

Seem as mature somehow?

Then farewell to the concert hall

And earthly touring game

For 'loading up' read 'loading down'

The gigs won't be the same

A roadie by another name

Could not hope to compete

For though the Net's no substitute

It smells a deal more sweet.