Lyric sheets: The Death of Elvis

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Next month is the 20th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. A new book on his life, `Down at the End of Lonely Street', is published soon

On the end of a Fool's Gold sandwich

At the bottom of Lonely Street

The King lay down in a golden gown

His courtiers at his feet

As a million televisions

Proclaimed that he was dead

The flapping stew of vultures grew

Around the royal bed

And this is what they said:

"He liked his food and firearms

A pig he was for sex

Took shots and pills for all his ills

Wore nappies for his kex

His blood was Coca-Cola

His heart was crystal meth

Ate Dilaudid for breakfast

Which likely caused his death."

And it's one for the money

Two for the money

Three for the money

And more for the money ...

And all this necrophilia

May never mean a thing

As fans of Elvis Presley,

Remember him as King

An antidote to Bing.

Martin Newell