Lyric Sheets: Upon Doing Lunch

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New figures released this week reveal that 25 per cent of workers do not take a lunch break. Not having a proper lunch break is now thought to contribute to stress levels. One industry, however, has never had a problem taking lunch...

They'll fax the contracts over

The cheque is in the post

...Uove al Fiorentino

You'll have it by October

About three weeks at most

Another drop of vino?

The Spanish lost the sleeve-art

The single cost ten grand

Or seafood canneloni?

We haven't got the money

To pay the actual band

He's having lunch with Sony

They'll be the next big Oasis

A Camden showcase gig

Two main course Tortellinis

A lodda people think so.

They might be very big

And just the four Martinis

A limited edition

And twelve-inch giveaway

A bottle of J.D.

I haven't seen the plunger

He's still on holiday

Oh...Just gone half past three

He did some deals at MIDEM

We flew Club Class, Air France

Is this a pepper mill?

The band are still playing Butlins

There wasn't an advance

Some coffee and the bill.

Well yeah, but thass musiciansh

A most ungrateful bunch

No, grain an' grape don't mix.

Bes' not to give `em money

Jus' take `em out to lunssh

Oh...Twenny-five to six.