Mahir, my brother, my frand

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HELLO MAHIR! I kiss you!!! Just like you self, on your famous "web sight" where you say "WELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE!!!!! I KISS YOU!!!". Is was big surprise when you the "address" comes! From my frand! Just I open my "email" one morning and there is!

""!!!!! So I am man of jornolism, of coarse I go to have a look, what I see but you say where "I LIKE SEX". Me also! Mahir we are brother!!! Mens from different countri but same under the skins!!! Is good to see what you look, Mahir. Big picture very handsom. Very! Moustach, brown suit, purple shirt, stripe ty, also Mahir is parot in lapel maybe? Too small to see but looking like parot, possibly blooms of pretty flower. Is master's stroke. Whan pretty girl see, she say to sheself "Ho! Is parot? Or bloom flower?" Then bend to smel and poof! You grab round neck and maybe she like sex too!!! If your luck!!!!!

Okay. You say "I like music I have many musicinstrumans at home I can play." Me also. Except accordion. My Father he brother have accordion but he is dead, and accordion gathering "dust". My father he brother who is dead, also have guitar (1), violin (1), Pathe projector for family film (1) but family film (0) to play on projector which is sad shame for me, also for you because if family film was, I would "scan" on to "web sight" then you could see my father he family. Miracle of "web"! First I get "web sight"! "First things at a time!!!" This is old saying from my country.

Okay I like travel differen country like you self, "Moldovia, Ukraina, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Georrgia, Iran" maybe in on of this country is picture of you playing table tenis, stone-wash jeans, stripe shirt, green paint cement floor, two youth mens in corner, fluorescent light, I gues "Bulgaria" or "Macedonia", is very good countriys, what I say is, if you like sports is no problem if no Sex. I do not like Sports. Maybe we dance together like mans instead, I see this picture of you and other frand dancing in woods, it come below picture of you on beach (grey big wave sweep small boy to deth in background) and picture of you on wall (grey sea, rain, Mahir my frand what happen to you moustache that day?), picture of city, church, maybe is pageant later, you wearing white "sleeve-short" shirt in modern style, jacket off, so it hot cloud day, maybe it torrent downpour later, church struck "lightning", everyone fry except you, is big adventure and later on is pretty girl, very frighten, she come to you crying, you say "There there, dry you this tears, smel parot flower bloom", pretty girl bend down, snif, Mahir hand shoot out in iron stealth grip, is nice evening after all. Is this happen like so, my frand?

Now I lose thread. Oh yes thread "come back" to me. Dancing in woods. What woods these, my frand? Turkey wood? Ukrainia wood? Macedonia wood? Azerbaijan wood? Moldovia wood? Who frand? Why dance? Is celebrate after you make psycolojydoctora maybe? Hiy! Maybe now you psycologydoctora, no nead of iron hand stealth grip, just no how these girls, it "minds" work. Maybe you tell me secret now you are my frand! I like to know! Philosofydoctora useles with girl, by time explain logicalpositivismus she is gone to slip or off with futbal player. Not problem for you my frand, on your "web sight" it also say you sport teacher. This I admire, turkish mens always more than one job. Cartographer, accounts, plumbing, massage ladys. English mans, one job, serious, more than one job, not serious. Is drawback, my frand. Pretty turkey girl she says "What you do?" you say "I am jornolism", she wait for rest. No rest. She go.

My frand I look at your "web sight" picture photo and I think maybe I pay visit. I see your frand with beard, I see your other frands sit under tree, very stern face, serious. I see you red car, you play accordion, face transport in music happynes, I see also you like to take fotocamera, (animals, towns, nice nude models and photopeoples). Me too!! I have fotocamera!!!! We are brother! Like my father he brother!!!! Only you not dead in accident! Me neither! Is very good.

Mahir, is "inter net" wonderful thing. Soon you will be famos world hero like famos "hampster dance" but do not forget you special frand. Okay I am not girl but we will have huge times any way!!! Your Frand, Michael. (PS "Inter net" all English so is why I write this in Turkish. Please forgive is my Turkish not such good, and not laugh for my clumsy in strange language. Is in right place, hart.)