Manchester: A ball pit with 100,000 balls is coming your way

The hope is to make it permanent

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It’s not just London harbouring a desire to regress back to childhood, Manchester is also keen for some adult soft play it seems, with a giant ball pit set to open on 23 October.

Taking place in the pump yard area of The Printworks, the aptly/ambiguously named Ball Mania will be open for one day only strictly for over-18s. Kids can make their own fun, damn them.

The pit will be 48 metres square and contain 100,000 balls, with sessions running from 10am to 10pm and lasting 30 minutes.

If a success, Ball Mania is hoping to set up a permanent ball pit at the Great Northern Warehouse in the city centre.

"My friends with kids are taking them to the Wacky Warehouse and places, and they're frustrated because they can't go in and have a go!" organiser Andrew Woodrow told Manchester Evening News.

"I thought it'd be cool to do something specifically for adults. But negotiations to open a permanent version of this are taking longer than expected, so we're doing a series of events while we're waiting to move in."

Tickets for Ball Mania at The Printworks can be bought via Bookifyapp or through Ball Mania's official Facebook page. They cost £6.50 per person.