Media: Launch Of The Week 2. real money

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Publisher: Perspective Publishing, a specialist business publisher with titles such as Pensions Age, Financial Sector Technology and Charity Times. Real Money is its first consumer foray.

Price: pounds 2.50.

Editor: Mark Frary.

Raison d'etre: "It's the first personal finance magazine for the younger generation. Real Money will never tell you to stop spending on things you love, such as going out and looking good, and essentials such as CDs and beer. We'll look at pensions, mortgages and ISAs... by being smarter with your money you can enjoy a better lifestyle."

Star Feature: "Is Britain a Rip-Off?" - investigates why we pay more than other countries for cars, beer and designer gear. Next month: an expose of how much money football teams make from fans.

Print run: 35,000.

Frequency: monthly.

Target audience: 24-to-45-year-olds with little knowledge of personal finance.