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A POSTSCRIPT to our story last Friday, which questioned whether The Guardian acted with two MPs to name Dominic Lawson, the editor of The Sunday Telegraph, as an MI6 agent. We suggested that The Guardian's interest might not be unconnected to Lawson's role when he was at The Spectator in getting Richard "KGB" Gott to quit The Guardian. "How dare you accuse us of holding a grudge," a Guardian employee warned. "We'll get you, you bastards."


IN CYBERSPACE, no one can hear you scream, particularly on the "Friends of Conrad Black" homepage, the loneliest corner of the Internet. But first you have to find it. The usual web directories reckon there are 648 sites devoted in whole or part to the Canadian media magnate. Crikey, no time to go through all those, so we settle for a quick blast from the "Conrad Black Waltz" site. A sample verse: "He rattles my cage/ He pulls on my chain/ He owns 100 per cent of my brain/ It simplifies thinking/ So I can't complain/ I live under Conrad Black's reign". My name's Boris Johnson, goodnight.


RICHARD BRANSON seems to be having as much joy entering Chinese airspace as he is operating a rail franchise. Anyway, like the 08.17 to Manchester, we digress. The transport correspondent of one august broadsheet thought he would go to his paper's Christmas party as a Virgin Railways conductor. Virgin were only too willing to oblige. The uniform arrived - but too late to be any use.