Metro Choice: Wobble vision

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Laura Godfrey-Isaacs is obsessed with the body. Over the past few years she has experimented with unorthodox media to express the essential sensual qualities of flesh which have become obscured in an increasingly synthetic and sanitised world. Rec ently,her nipple-like eruptions of soft plastic attracted favourable critical attention and new pieces go on view in Monstrous, at John Jones on Thursday. Huge amorphous blobs of matter, the results of experiments with catalysts and chemical additives, Plasticine, wax and plaster, wobble on the gallery floor inviting comparisons with the carnivorous extra-terrestrial creatures of Fifties B-movies. But there is more to these initially amusing creations than mere nostalgic fancy. They have the power to i nduceemotions ranging from compassion and affection, to fear and hostility. In effect, Godfrey-Isaacs has taken the Western artistic tradition of the sculpted nude back to its most basic form in the primeval swamp.

`Monstrous' can be seen at The Gallery at John Jones, 4 Morris Place, N4. 26 Jan-25 Feb (071-281 2380)