metro/ICA special offer

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Today and every Friday evening until 15 April, from 6pm-9pm, this copy of metro becomes an invitation to an evening at the ICA, an interesting place to meet, drink, eat and enjoy a challenge. Armed with metro, take in free the current exhibition - the Institute of Cultural Anxiety, a show at the cutting edge where art, technology, culture and science meet. It features work by Christine Borland, Angela Bulloch and Henry Bond, as well as Jeff Koons and Julian Opie.

This is the start of a season of association between the Independent and the ICA that will offer readers a three-month introductory membership for £5 - which provides a monthly newsletter, unlimited free admission to exhibitions for you and a guest, as well as the ICA's other facilities, plus a series of special offers elsewhere. This month's offer is the It's Plastic! show at the Design Museum, Butler's Wharf, where you will get two £4.50 tickets for the price of one, and a discount on the catalogue from £19.99 to £14.50.

In the weeks to come we shall be offering further discounts.

To take advantage of the special membership offer, contact the ICA box office either in person, by post, or telephone. ICA, The Mall, SW1 (071-930 3647).