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Liverpool on Manchester: Joanne Mackrell, 25, legal clerk: They're all right apart from the accent, I suppose. The shops are better than those in Liverpool, and it's good for a night out. I can't stand all this competition between Liverpool and Manchester because it's only based on football I've got lots of friends in Manchester and we get on great.

Daniel Collins, 19, butcher: Manc's are jealous of everything from Liverpool, especially the football team, and that's why they always have a go at us. I don't like them. I hate the music and the crap baggy clothes, but most of all I hate United fans.

Danny Evans, 34, window cleaner: There's no difference between us and them at all. They've got their problems, the same as ours, with scallies and drugs and violence and that sort of thing, but I suppose they're just the same as us, there's good and bad everywhere.

Tony Snell ,30, radio presenter: There is a lot of talk about the rivalry between Liverpool and United, but after the Hillsborough disaster one of the first calls we had at the station was from the United supporters offering help, and I've always remembered that. Manchester is a great city and sometimes I wish Liverpool would think big like they do, like making the Olympics bid.

Carol Hinson, 24, shop assistant: I used to work in Manchester. I like the people, they're not as aggressive as Liverpudlians. People here have got no patience. The only other thing I miss is Ryan Giggs and I don't even like football! R. J. Whittle, 68, retired: Everything seems to be going to Manchester these days, more money seems to be going in there, for the trams and other businesses, and Liverpool is suffering because of it. There are other rivalries but mainly in football, but only if you are interested in it.

and Manchester on Liverpool: Brian Moss, 36, builder: Everyone in the media goes on about how we all hate each other, but we don't. If I met a scouser in a pub I'd buy him a pint. They've got a good sense of humour. I like them. All the aggro is the football fans, and they're round the bend. Anyway, we've got scousers in our family so they can't be that bad! Justin Rourke, 23, unemployed: I suppose I feel a bit sorry for them really because nothing seems to go right for them.

Dorothy Jones, 68, retired: Liverpool people are down to earth and so are Manchester people. We've got a lot in common. They've always had a sense of humour and I love their accent. Brookside is so miserable, it doesn't show the place properly.

Darren Ellison, 19, apprentice mechanic: It's like that joke isn't it: "What do you call a scouser in a suit? - The Defendant." You think of car thieves or druggies, or like Barry, Gary and Larry with the shell suits on and the perms. That's what everyone thinks scousers are like. And they're all on the dole. I know they're not really, but that's what I imagine it to be like.

Anne Donohue, 32, businesswoman: Liverpool is a beautiful city in a way that Manchester could never be. It has more character and a lot seems to be happening there. But I think the people tend to make excuses when things don't go their way.