‘Mini world’ KidZania is opening to adults and you can get drunk

Professions include air conditioning technician and department store manager

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In a move that says a lot about the conflicted psyche of the modern human, you can now go and pretend to work and earn money in a miniature world designed for children.

KidZania, which recently opened in London and allows children to work in adult jobs and earn currency is “opening up the kids-only City to the grown ups” due to popular demand.

A bit like a real life version of The Sims, adults will get the chance to try out role-play activities like firefighting, formula one racing, open heart surgery and more.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be an area in the complex dedicated to boring office admin, because I could sure use some more of that, especially in my leisure time.

The best bit about the adults-only nights - you get a free drink, meaning you can operate a tiny fire truck drunk.


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Other jobs at KidZania include air conditioning technician, bank teller, burger flipper and department store manager.

“Not only will you get to expose the child within for four hours (any excuse) but we've thrown in a welcome drink to help shake off those inhibitions,” a rep said.

“And as all that make-believe will be thirsty, hungry work, we'll also have bars where you can buy food and drinks open all night. So stop wondering why kids have all the fun and get in on the action yourself.”

The adult-only evenings are on October 22 and December 3 2015, starting at 7pm and ending at 11pm.