Misbehaving on the box - programmes which fell foul of the watchdog

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BARRYMORE: Symptomatic of the rise in 'victim entertainment', according to the BSC. Practical jokes often went further than the participants expected

NEIGHBOURS: Typical of imported family serials which prompted complaints of 'an increasing preoccupation with adolescent sexual relationships'

THE GIRLIE SHOW: Criticised for 'scatalogical, sexual or generally tasteless behaviour'. In one feature, a compulsive shoplifter described her methods of stealing

BLUES AND TWOS: A factual programme, showing real-life film of people in distress, which was said to have exploited individuals' reactions to extreme circumstances

The cost of the BSC

The Broadcasting Standards Council's annual report reveals that it cost the taxpayer more than pounds 1.3m last year.

The Council's administrative expenses were pounds 761,094, including pounds 24,115 for "staff travel and subsistence". The 15 staff and eight council members were paid a total of pounds 581,879.

The BSC is to merge with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission next year. The new body will remain at the BSC's headquarters in a historic house beside Westminster Abbey.

The BSC has signed a contract to rent the house for the next 15 years at pounds 150,000 a year. Lady Howe said it was "not allowed" to buy its own offices.