All the News of the World International comment on the Kosovan peace talks due to be held this weekend
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WESTERN NATIONS, to a large extent, should take responsibility for the escalating crisis in the Yugoslav province. In the current world order, a troublemaker cannot be a good policeman too. With the ultimatum from the West, the Balkans, known as "Europe's powder keg", are once again facing war. However, Washington has been put into an awkward situation after its military action in Iraq solved nothing. Therefore, it is high time for Nato to learn some lessons from the US failure and come to realise the simple truth: military force cannot save Kosovo.

China Daily

THE LEADER of the Serbs remains prideful and defiant, but to make the wrong step here could be suicidal. Beyond Nato's air power, which includes US squadrons, Nato troops would probably be committed to action as needed. The crisis is coming to a head. If Mr Milosevic fails to comprehend what faces his regime, he really has only himself to blame for the damage.

Los Angeles Times

NATO HAS the ability to force the parties to the table. Sadly, it must be prepared to do just that if necessary. Even Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary General, concedes that there is a need to use force when all other means have failed. This power should not be used lightly, but in this case, a failure to act will only prolong the indignities and the suffering.

Japan Times

UNLESS A new agreement with teeth in it is reached soon, the killing will intensify in the spring, when conditions become more favorable for troop movements. Such an agreement must make provision for armed peacekeepers in Kosovo, including American troops. Ending the slaughter should be reason enough, but there is a more compelling argument for American involvement. The situation in Kosovo must not be allowed to spin out of control, for that could set off a chain reaction of national and ethnic strife in Southern Europe that would have perilous global repercussions.

Texas Star-Chronicle