All the News of the World American press comment on the possibility of Hillary Clinton standing for the Senate
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EVER SINCE Sexgate erupted, Mrs Clinton has been sheltered from tough questions and granted a zone of privacy out of sympathy for her ordeal as the wronged wife. Even before, she was more sheltered from the press than her predecessor, Barbara Bush. Mrs Clinton hosts gossip columnists or gives controlled interviews to friendly columnists who are unlikely to press her on messy issues, such as how she turned $1,000 into $100,000 on cattle futures. All that ends if the president's wife becomes a candidate in her own right.

New York Post

IF WE were laying odds, we'd be giving 5-2 against it ever happening. Mud-slinging with other candidates would do little to enhance Mrs Clinton's reputation. Her political and personal failings would all be re-examined. Right now, she is the stand-up, hard-bitten, long-suffering wife of a self-acknowledged cad. When and if she becomes the tough and combative candidate, she isn't likely to remain nearly as popular as she is today.

Delaware County Daily

THE IDEA of a race between mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Hillary Clinton is so tasty that even the first hints of a speculation of a possibility created headlines. Now that Hillary is officially considering the idea, political junkies are in a full-blown frenzy. This is the sort of contest that election aficionados live for. It could even actually overshadow the presidential contest.

The New York Times

HILLARY CLINTON is able and attractive, and at 51 should have an interesting future once Clinton's presidency is mercifully put to rest. But as to her being Moynihan's likely and appropriate New York successor, we need more time to tell.

San Francisco Examiner

SHE WOULD be the target of intense criticism stemming from her husband's misbehavior. Her loyalty to her husband despite his sexual escapades might endear her to some voters but alienate others. The idea might work in New York. We doubt that it would fly in Texas.

Lubbock Avalanche Journal