All the News of the World The Sunday newspapers reflect on the conflict in the Balkans
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A CLEAR political objective must now be spelled out for this action. While removing Slobodan Milosevic altogether would be preferable, this is unthinkable without the commitment of a major ground assault force which could take up to six months to assemble.

Scotland on Sunday

THE GOVERNMENT says it is ready for a protracted war, a determination which presumably reflects the mood in Nato headquarters. But, though it is premature to write off in advance the possibility of defeating Milosevic through bombing alone, prudence suggests that the planners should be working to assemble ground forces large enough to frustrate what is left of the Serbian killing machine after prolonged attrition from the air.

The Mail on Sunday

TONY BLAIR has not ruled out committing ground troops. If it is the right thing to do, and the only way to win the war, then we must. Nato must stand firm.

In the end, if the good the war does outweighs the harm it causes to innocent people, then it is justified, however painful.

The Sunday Mirror

THE ONLY way to ensure victory is for there to be a massive intervention - in several months' time if necessary - and in defiance of threats from the Russians.

That will inevitably mean losses, but it may well be the only way of securing victory and preserving a form of peace for the long term.

The Sunday Times

THE ONLY solution, both strategically and ethically, is to get the Kosovans back into Kosovo. That cannot be done without using more force than bombing can provide. It requires troops on the ground in Kosovo.

The Sunday Telegraph

THE COMMITMENT of ground troops cannot be delayed much longer. Today, it is "not the present intention".

Tomorrow, or some time soon, it is going to become a very real prospect. (Andrew Rawnsley)

The Observer