All the News of the World The Chinese press responds to the bombing of their nation's embassy in Belgrade
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THE ATTACK against the Chinese Embassy was too smart to be explained as a "mistake in target identification" or technical error. And it is not just "regrettable". It is intolerable aggression and a war crime.

The attack against a diplomatic mission is unprecedented. Today, Nato's missiles fall on the Chinese Embassy. Tomorrow, destruction may fall on anyone else who dares to oppose it.

China Daily

FOR THE authorities in Beijing there is a certain fortuitousness about the timing of the incident. The fury that has erupted may well serve as a distraction for those tempted to mark the approach of June 4. But the question for Beijing now is: having turned on the protest tap so effectively, can it also be turned off so easily?

South China Morning Post

NATO SHOULD know that the district where the Chinese embassy is located is a residential area which should not have been the target of attack in the first place.

The UN Security Council has only expressed shock, but has not condemned Nato nor said it would investigate the matter.

Alas, the Security Council has been reduced to the status of a servant of the United States. If it was the US embassy which was hit by China, the US would have forced the Security Council to take much stronger measures, including military and economic sanctions.

The Chinese embassy is China's territory. When the embassy is attacked, China should react strongly, including recalling its representative in the US. If China does not respond immediately, the US will think it is weak.

Sing Pao

BEIJING MUST pursue the matter to the very end, to ask for a Nato cease- fire, to get fair compensation and to find out who was responsible. The missile attack on the embassy has underlined the importance of seeking a speedy end to the crisis through diplomatic means. Strategic errors by Nato have already caused the bombing to drag on. When Nato keeps escalating its bombing , loss of innocent lives is unavoidable.

Tin Tin Daily News