All the News of the World The Sunday broadsheets comment on the leadership of the war in Kosovo
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MR BLAIR has staked more than any other Western leader on the outcome of the war. Unlike Mr Clinton, his political career is far from over. Unlike French and German leaders, he runs a one-party government. He must know the present war strategy is imploding. Mistakes multiply and Nato is left groping. Mr Blair needs to persuade his ally and friend in the White House that tough words and an air campaign are not enough. Nato must attack Serb forces with low-level airstrikes and ground forces.

The Sunday Times

WITHOUT AMERICAN participation any ground invasion is a dead letter. Last week the Labour and Lib-Dem joint consultative committee on defence proposed closer European defence collaboration and procurement to get more for our money. But joint European forces are no good without political will. Last week, the German Greens voted to continue the war after passionate advocacy by Joschka Fischer. He's right, and Britain's liberal left should support him. We're keen to settle, but on honourable terms. Until then we must fight on.

The Observer

MANY GOOD people support this war. They believe that it is a just response to Milosevic's abominable cruelty to the Kosovar Albanians. We do not. We believe that Milosevic's worst excesses in Kosovo have been made possible by this war; that a war begun to avert a human catastrophe has in fact created a human catastrophe. Milosevic alone is guilty of the crime of ethnic cleansing, but Nato has acted as his enabler.

The Independent on Sunday

THE GOALS Nato set itself when it started the bombing campaign are further away than ever from being met. Privately, ministers have said they would like the war effort to be intensified. In official interviews and in Parliament, however, the Prime Minister has resolutely backed away from any such commitments. The result is an appalling lack of clarity about what Nato will do if the bombing campaign fails to work - as it seems entirely possible that it may.

The Sunday Telegraph