All the News of the World: Comment on the Cox report into Chinese infiltration of US weapons laboratories
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A MINORITY of right-wing elements have declared open season on China because they are unhappy about the warming ties established by Bill Clinton and the leaders in Beijing. In the post-Cold War climate these people are at a total loss, they have no one to pick on to justify their extremist ideological stance. Hence their insistence that Beijing has "stolen" valuable secrets, a resort to highly emotive and pejorative language. The US is in the best position to lead the world to world peace. It must exercise its leadership in a sane and responsible manner. To be otherwise may be utterly destructive both to the US and the rest of the world.

Hong Kong Standard

THERE IS no getting away from the fact that this administration has at times by intent and at times by its blithering incompetence handed the Chinese enough nuclear technology to make them a far more formidable power than they have any right to be. And in doing so this administration has made this a far more dangerous world.

Boston Herald

ATTORNEY GENERAL Janet Reno failed to investigate thoroughly allegations of illegal Chinese donations during the 1996 election. Had her department connected the dots then, perhaps we might have better guarded national secrets.

Clinton said his administration is taking national security seriously. Before taking his word, the public deserves answers about why it took so long to do so.

USA Today

BEIJING'S CLAIM that it has never stolen classified information from anyone can be dismissed now that the Cox report has been issued by the American Congress. It sets out how China spied on the four most secret US weapons laboratories for 20 years, and with startling success. This does not mean China intends to start a nuclear war. But it clearly wants a more credible missile force. After the alarms die down, Sino-American relations may get back on track. However, the changing missile equation will make that more complicated than ever.

South China Morning Post