All the News of the World Local comment on Bangladesh's surprise win over Pakistan in the cricket World Cup
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FOR A vast majority of the cricket-watching public Pakistan's loss to Bangladesh was expected. It was on the cards and encapsuled exactly why the Pakistan team is playing under the cloud of match-fixing. Worse still is the thought that when Aminul Islam and Khaled Mahmud hear the reasons for their alleged bent win, their proud smiles will turn to bewilderment. They will have been led up the garden path. They played with the heart of valiant fighters. Their victory ought to have been deserved.

The News International, Pakistan

OUR SENSATIONAL but richly deserved victory against Pakistan proclaims one simple message: our cricketers have come of age. Pakistan may still go on to lift the title; and if they do, our cricketers will go down in the annals as the ones who conquered the conquerors.

Daily Star News, Bangladesh

BANGLADESH WERE being quoted at 33-1 in some quarters to beat Pakistan so there may well be many people today still celebrating their decision to back the underdogs. Cynics, of course, will start their whisperings again about match-fixing but Wasim Akram's side had nothing to play for in the match - and any sportsman finds it difficult to raise himself when he knows that far sterner tests lie in wait ahead.

Dawn, Pakistan

"UNDERDOG" IS a term used to denote teams hopelessly distanced from the trophy. This country is a country of underdogs also in the general sense, poor and deprived. In cricket we have ceased to be so. Let this victory be a foretaste of the country's endeavours and exploits in other fields.

Independent, Bangladesh

BANGLADESHIS HAVE been desperate to be euphoric over some feat of national greatness for a long time and cricket has shown them the way. But there must not be any forgetting for most of us in Bangladesh that everlasting greatness for this nation lies in winning in the good fight against endemic poverty, disease, malnutrition, illiteracy and other major symptoms of overall national backwardness.

The Nation, Bangladesh