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Tributes to the late John Kennedy Junior, who died with

his wife and her sister in a plane crash this week

Le Matin


AMERICA SAW in him what it had never had - a dynasty. John-John could have been a third candidate for the presidency. The tears cried by the Americans are like those cried by the English after the tragic death of their princess, Lady Diana. Across the Atlantic, they are mourning a prince who was never crowned. The irony is that those tears are set to benefit the enemy clan of this Democratic family: the Bush family, conservatives who are probably counting on this reassuring desire for "historical continuity" in the forthcoming elections.

Corriere della Sera


THE EMOTION provoked by JFK Junior's end reminds us of that caused by the loss of Diana, Princess of Wales. Together beauty, success and death create an irresistible combination. But let's hope that, after America has cried for the death of the hereditary prince, it reminds itself that it is a republic.

The Age


YOUTHFULNESS HAS been such a large part of the Kennedy glamor: it is linked to their handsomeness, their charm, their warm espousal of a certain kind of can-do immigrant confidence that made America feel good about itself. The other attribute for which the Kennedys are known is their public unity and stoicism in the face of terrible loss. In that way, too, they are a focus for the fears and fantasies of the rest of the world, death being an eternal theme in every life.

St Petersburg Times


THE UNTIMELY and unfair death of John Kennedy Junior has shocked Russians who know how to feel compassion. But times have changed, for better and for worse. Nobody sends money for the poor Kennedys, but on the other hand, nobody is punished by the extinct Central Committee for publishing John Kennedy's picture. And what a pity that John Kennedy Junior left this world so early that he couldn't have his own John-John, who would have saluted his father's coffin.