When the earth shook
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Quotes of the Week

"Eastern audiences tend to fall about at every mention of cheese. They just think it is ludicrously funny stuff to think of eating."

Nick Park, creator of `Wallace and Gromit' (pictured)

"A judge will be employed for eight months without holiday or benefits, which works out at about pounds 2.70 an hour and three slap-up meals, a little below the Labour Party's minimum wage threshold."

Professor John Sutherland, on the tribulations of being a Booker Prize judge

"Just remember that all the Pankhursts were Tories."

Ann Widdecombe, on the proposal to erect a statue of Sylvia Pankhurst in Trafalgar Square

"I sit in Tony's room, in Daddy Bear's chair."

John Prescott, on how he runs the country with the Prime Minister on holiday

"I am so clean living I bore myself sometimes."

Frank Skinner, comedian, who has given up drinking