All the News of the World The Sunday papers give their verdict on Glenn Hoddle
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ENGLAND WERE a disgrace. They were clueless, hopeless and gormless. It's hard to imagine how Hoddle can continue as coach after failing to inspire his side.

Matt Driscoll

News of the World

GLENN HODDLE has demanded to be judged by nothing other than results. OK, then, Glenn. You might describe a goalless home draw against Bulgaria as disappointing, but let's get it right. It is a dreadful result. Absolutely awful. The time has come for Hoddle to be honest with the country by acting before it's too late. Resign. If not, then he should be sacked.

Rob Shepherd

The Express on Sunday

GLENN HODDLE, who has spoken much of late about the "baggage" surrounding his role, may have to give serious consideration to packing his own following an abject performance before an all-ticket packed house which arrived anticipating substantially more, and departed deserving far better.

Nick Townsend

The Independent on Sunday

IT IS almost superfluous to add that this is not the appropriate time for Hoddle to be negotiating a pay rise under the terms of his contract. Rather it is a time to ask if he should be the national coach at all. Even those of us who have always supported him must concede that the argument has become thinner since the World Cup.

Patrick Barclay

The Sunday Telegraph

NO AMOUNT of muted praise for the opposition could obscure the scale of England's failure. Their performance was so pathetically devoid of imagination and of telling penetration, that it is surely time to confront the evidence that they are much less formidable than the man in charge of them would have us believe.

Hugh McIlvanney

The Sunday Times

GLENN HODDLE'S credibility as the man to guide England to European Championship glory is in danger of total collapse this week. A dreary goalless draw against unrated Bulgaria at Wembley yesterday provoked howls of derision.

Bob Cass

The Mail on Sunday