All the News of the World Reaction to the Law Lords' decision to allow the extradition of General Pinochet
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THE ARGUMENTS of the Chilean government have not even been considered. Actions taken by the authorities to achieve the return of Senator Pinochet and, in this way, the recognition of Chilean sovereignty, have been completely useless. The implications are extremely serious for Chile. For the first time in history a foreign judge could try an ex-head of state against the opinion of his government and his country, disregarding Chilean laws in our own territory. The social peace of the country could be at stake.

El Mercurio, Chile

A REVOLUTIONARY legal precedent has been set. It is highly positive that the House of Lords set it, and in Britain, which has no historical conflict with Pinochet. It was an example of scrupulous legal rigour. Margaret Thatcher asked that he not be tried because he was "old, fragile and sick". Don't try to flog that argument to Spain: this country knows through bitter experience what an old, fragile and sick autocrat is capable of. The bases are being forged of what could and and should become a Justice without frontiers... an International Criminal Court, of which so much has been said, and until now so little done.

El Mundo, Spain

THE ARMY commander is urging drastic political action against the British government: declaring ambassadors to Chile "unwelcome" and curtailing armament purchases from Spain and Britain. The Navy is considering transferring a contract for submarines with a Spanish-French consortium to the French company.

The Santiago Times, Chile

FOR MANY democrats throughout the world, yesterday was a day of fiesta. Freeing Pinochet on grounds of sovereign immunity would have been an immoral act. Despite the anguish of Pinochet's supporters, the Chilean transition to democracy could be strengthened by this trial of fire. The transition began in 1990 under the condition that the dictator was invulnerable. He is not. The jubilation of so many in Chile shows that Chileans have lost their fear.

El Pais, Spain