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The Sunday papers comment on what to do next in the war in the Balkans

In the war of words that surrounds the tragedy of Yugoslavia, one message must ring out loud and clear: The rapists, murderers and the torturers will be caught, convicted and punished for their inhuman savagery. There will be no hiding place for them.

News of the World

The aim of this war is to stop Serbian genocide in Kosovo, and to ensure that the Kosovar Albanians can return to their homes. If we are not prepared to use the only means that will achieve these ends, what is the point of pretending that we care about it? The threat contained in the leaflets dropped by Nato must prove real: "We will," the pamphlets promise the Serbs, "attack you by air, by sea and by land."

The Sunday Telegraph

This week's hopes are pinned on what former Russian Prime Minister Mr Chernomyrdin can achieve as he sounds out the combatants for a way forward. Nato's approach must be twin-track - intensifying its military offensive as it is, but talking intensively at the same time. The Government is in danger of overdoing the former and neglecting the latter.

The Observer

Nato has sown the wind, but has left the very people it sought to help reaping the whirlwind. Its leaders should now accept the logic of General Clark's comment - and order a build-up of ground forces without delay.

The Mail on Sunday

We can accept the necessity of sending in troops for peace-keeping. But this is very different from actually fighting a ground offensive. Nato must be clear that in preparing for the former it does not slip into

the latter.

Sunday Express

Britain must be prepared to take in more refugees that just those with relatives already here, or in need of medical attention.

With our traditional spirit of generosity towards refugees, we must offer a temporary home to all those who volunteer to come here.

Sunday Mirror