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US comment on news that an American agent helped China develop nuclear warheads
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AMERICA SHOULD make it clear that we will not tolerate the theft of military secrets. Policy on China has been that "constructive engagement" is the way to combat human rights abuses and help the Chinese enter the world community. But as much as China wants to benefit from trade, its strategic interests are far different from ours. It would be dangerous to put business interests ahead of our security.

Bergen Record

THE ADMINISTRATION'S chief concern may have been to deflect attention from Clinton-Gore links to Chinese money and agents of Chinese influence during Campaign '96. There's plenty more - none of it flattering to Clinton. Given the administration's reluctance to act, and its seeming unwillingness to share the facts with the nation, it looks as though it is time for Congress to get into the act - not to score political points, but to determine if national security has been gravely compromised.

Corpus Christi Caller Times

THIS FITS right in with Clinton's general pattern in foreign policy: denial of inconvenient facts and wishing instead of analyzing. It fits his specific pattern of cozying up to China, source of campaign funds for the Democratic Party. Why is the administration doing China the favor of trying to "help" it qualify for membership in the World Trade Organization? Favors lead it to conclude it can get what it wants. When history looks back, Clinton's impeachment could be a footnote and his toadying to an embryonic enemy of the United States a flaming mark of shame.

Boston Herald

SECURITY OCCASIONALLY went on holiday during the Reagan and Bush years, too. But the Clinton White House seems to have gone one better and lapsed into a Rip Van Winkle-like sleep. By failing to follow up on the theft of information about the miniaturization of nuclear weapons, the administration ignored espionage that has enhanced China's nuclear missile technology to the point of giving Beijing the capacity to launch missiles from under water.

Dallas Morning News