Monitor: All the News of the World- Asian reaction to North Korea's missile testing

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WHATEVER NORTH Korea's justification for the test, we cannot condone it. Its principal result was to heighten tension in the entire Northeast Asian region. No doubt, ballistic missiles are a threat to Japan. But the highest priority for the Japanese government is calmly to examine the intentions of the North Koreans, and the performance of the missiles themselves. The nation must lower the level of threat through diplomatic efforts.

Asahi Shimbun, Japan

NORTH KOREA'S development of these weapons is a direct affront to efforts by countries around the world to secure peace and stability in the region. For this reason in particular, we find Pyongyang's action on Monday most regrettable. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons and their delivery systems - such as ballistic missiles - has been on the rise since the end of the Cold War. For the international community, it has become more important than ever that immediate action be taken to reverse this unsettling trend. What Japan must first do is cooperate in every way it can to advance the international disarmament efforts, particularly those aimed at curtailing the number of weapons of mass destruction and ending their proliferation.

Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan

THE LATEST missile-testing attests to the fact that the Communist North has continued to improve its missile systems, in defiance of international objections. The US, and the international community, must take concerted and substantial steps, since efforts at friendly persuasion and verbal warnings have been exhausted.

Korea Times, South Korea

THE THREAT is now clear: North Korea is developing missiles capable of hitting targets throughout north-east Asia. This heavily underscores the necessity of renewing efforts to draw Pyongyang out of its isolation. Sanctions are not achieving that aim. Backing such a dangerous and unpredictable country into a corner through crippling sanctions is to court danger on a potentially catastrophic scale. However unpalatable it is to run the risk of appearing to grant concessions, some hard bargaining is necessary.

South China Morning Post