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Discussion of the `coming out' of Stephen Gately, a member of Britain's most successful boy band
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The Sun

BOYZONE'S STEPHEN Gately asked to help him come out. He believed that a former friend was about to sell a story about his love life that would upset his family and fans. We told him to think hard before making his decision. Stephen had no reason to be ashamed. But it is a sad fact that in the cynical pop industry being openly gay can count against you.

The Evening Standard

TEN YEARS ago girls were going crazy for Rupert Everett in Another Country; today they are drooling over Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers enjoying a tight fit in Velvet Goldmine. The fact that Stephen Gately is going out with another very good-looking boy may well up his fantasy ratings rather than damage his career. (Hettie Judah)

The Mirror

MARGARET GATELY has a wonderful son of whom she can be proud. She should not feel any shame, guilt or pressure to defend him because he's gay. Gay is normal, not abnormal, and everyone has a right to be gay. They have no more control over being homosexual than straight people have over being straight. (Miriam Stoppard)

Daily Record

BOYZONE STAR Stephen Gately announces he is gay. Girl fans are said to be heart-broken, but they should have guessed they hadn't a chance when he said last year that he missed his teddy bears. The Boyzone bachelor boy made his announcement because he heard someone was hawking the story around newspapers. At least, he is being honest, up-front and straight with his supporters. (Tom Brown)