Monitor: All the News of the World - Far Eastern comment on negotiations between Taiwan and mainland China

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NO ONE knows how history will see the issue resolved. But radical changes to the pragmatic approach between Taiwan and the mainland serve little obvious purpose. Peking's response so far has been relatively muted, while Taipei has begun trying to contain the more sweeping implications of Mr Lee's remarks. With effort, they may yet find ways of maintaining the useful imprecision of recent years.

South China Morning Post

INDEPENDENCE DOES not only mean a formal declaration that officially breaks the ambiguous political links between Taiwan and mainland China. It should also refer to the fact that Taiwan has been operating as an independent political entity, a state, or even a country, recognised as such internationally. Instead of jumping to conclusions, Peking probes the possibilities of say, a federation formed by Taiwan and the mainland on the basis of "state-to-state" relations. And we should also take note of the adjective "special" in Mr Lee's new definition. The relation is special because Taiwan and the mainland China are from the same people and the same culture and because unification is still a real option - these are the fundamentals that make unification possible. Any attempts to force unification will only estrange the sides, and bring about Taiwan's permanent independence.

Hong Kong Standard

UNDER THE guise of democracy and public opinion, Lee has been vigorously dragging the Taiwanese into the mire of Taiwan independence by taking advantage of his political position. His separatist remarks have mainly been used for foreigners and are intended to mislead international public opinion, in order to get foreign forces to intervene to make the Taiwan issue an international issue, but the troublemaker is doomed to fail. Solving the Taiwan issue and reunifying the motherland have been the common aspiration of all Chinese, including Taiwanese compatriots, and Lee and his like are warned not to play with fire and risk the fortune and prospects of the Taiwanese in betting on politics.

Xinhua News