Monitor: All the News of the World - International comment on North Korea's ballistic missile programme

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NORTH KOREA will not easily give up its missile program. It is extremely dangerous as it not only threatens the security and stability of the Korean Peninsula and north-east Asia, but also may set off an arms race in the region. The test-firing of another North Korean missile may bring about disaster.

Korea Times, South Korea

THERE IS no tangible sign from North Korea that it intends to stop preparations for the launch of a new ballistic missile, despite repeatedly voiced concerns from Japan, the US and South Korea. The North's defiance is extremely regrettable. It is important to recognise that the North's development and deployment of missiles threatens the safety of Japan and South Korea, and is extremely damaging to the security of not only north-eastern Asia, but the world as a whole.

Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan

PYONGYANG IS claiming that it has honoured the 1994 Agreed Framework with the US by which it agreed to give up its nuclear weapons programme, but is also accusing Washington of violation by retaining economic sanctions. If it carries out a threat to pull out of the arrangement, a valuable platform for dialogue will be lost. However, the framework has survived similar crises. While North Korea keeps the world in suspense at what it is up to, the carrot-and-stick approach is the only realistic response. Eventually, the regime may topple. Until then, talking tough while offering help keeps all the options open.

South China Morning Post

JAPAN HAS been sufficiently alarmed by the North to get interested in the US missile defence plan and to secure its parliament's speedy approval for a wider role under revised rules in the context of the security treaty with the US. Presumably, Washington would like South Korea to take a more hardline approach to Pyongyang. North Korea can be expected to exploit such differences to its advantage, but the level of frustration is increasing in Washington and Tokyo, and Seoul has its limits in being accommodating.

Khaleej Times, UAE