Monitor: All the News of the World International comment on the presidential crisis

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WHAT PRICE will President Clinton pay? Impeachment seems rather harsh, and censure by Congress meaningless. If Congress, representing the American people, really finds Clinton's behaviour to be unacceptable, they should ask him to take a voluntary leave of absence for two months. This would humiliate him for a short period of time while also allowing him to continue his term of office. The genius of American civilisation is that it has always combined serious concepts of governance with examples of public criminality and personal frivolity. We should enjoy the entertainment in the latter, and draw useful lessons from the former.

The Jordan Times

IT IS quite inadmissible that while the President is addressing the UN, which looks to him to come up with a strategy for dealing with existential problems of peace and hunger in the world, that the man on the street is following his contortions, his inarticulacy, and his anatomical hair- splitting worthy only of a green seminarist hauled before the Inquisition.

Corriere della Sera, Italy

CLINTON MAY be guilty of recklessness and poor judgment, of behaviour which has undermined the dignity and authority of his office, but this scarcely merits impeachment or resignation. The hope now must be that after this much-hyped broadcast, America will put the impeachment issue to one side. The need for strong and effective international leadership from the US on world economy, on the Middle East, Russia - and not least in helping to consolidate the progress here - could scarcely be more apparent.

The Irish Times

THIS IS the White House meets national peep show. It makes Oprah-style revelations look old fashioned. Most Americans are already embarrassed for their country. They like to be proud of their President, confident in America's power and prestige. Now they sense that the President and the US are becoming an international joke. They realise the US is showing the way to the 21st century in a different way than Mr Clinton envisaged when he announced his second term would be the bridge to the millennium.

Sydney Morning Herald