Monitor: All the News of the World: International comment on the Real IRA's bombing of Omagh

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IT SEEMS evident that the authors of the attack wanted it to be as bloody as possible. Given the relatively peaceful co-existence between the two communities in Omagh, and taking into account the central location, the terrorists knew they were going to kill Catholics as well as Protestants. They didn't target a specific community, but the people of a city who were celebrating peace accords that they did not accept.

El Mundo, Spain

AUTHORITIES MUST be cautious not to create martyrs by detaining suspected ringleaders without charge or trial, a Draconian response allowed under Irish anti-terrorism laws. The strongest action against the terrorists will be to proceed with the peace process voted for in May. This will deny the extremists their victory. It will take tremendous courage, but the power of the ballot box must remain stronger than any terrorist's bomb.

Boston Globe

THE QUESTION for the people of Northern Ireland is whether they have the fortitude to withstand this threat to their hopes for peace. No community could absorb a shock of this magnitude. Inevitably, amid the grief, there will be thoughts of vengeance - for Ulster to turn its back on peace would serve only to reward the bombers.

The Age, Australia

MOST SIGNIFICANT was the condemnation by Gerry Adams, leader of , Sinn Fein. Adams now should go one step further and use his network of contacts within the IRA and its deadly splinter groups to make sure all involved in this tragedy are held responsible. If that happens, perhaps what took place Saturday in Omagh can indeed one day be remembered not so much for how it tore the flesh, but how it strengthened the spirit.

Chicago Tribune, USA

IT IS of no use to argue that this development was predictable because too many concessions had been made to terrorists. The terrorist scene consists of only 100 supporters in a population of 1.6 million. And security forces know the key figures. It is now the prime task of politicians to isolate them from the sympathisers of terrorism and strengthen the belief of the Northern Irish that the path on which they have embarked is the only correct one.

Die Welt, Germany