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The Oakland Tribune


A PLEASANTON mother will have to write a letter of apology to three newspapers for allowing a stripper to perform for teenage girls at her home. The party was dubbed a "Girls' Night Out", hosted by the woman's 15-year-old daughter. The judge said that some of the blame did fall on many of the girls who attended the party. None of the victims' parents attended the sentencing hearing and only two wrote their opinions in letters. The mother said she is sorry and that it was her daughter who hired the stripper.

Hindustan Times


DELHI IS convulsed under a spate of violent crimes. The other day four members of a family, including two children, were brutally killed at their Nangloi home; a campus feud ended with the murder of a student and another student's father; 10,000,000 rupees were looted from a bank in Faridabad; an industrialist's son was shot at in Gurgaon after a protection-money demand was ignored; and two school-bound children were forced into a van and driven away in south-west Delhi, apparently by their estranged father.